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Tips & Tricks On How To STAY SAFE While Traveling To Difficult Countries

"Empower Yourself. Empower Others."

Preparing to take your first step into the unknown? Travelling solo or with your gal pals to a new country, city or destination? TAKE ACTION! Enroll in this course to get all the useful tools and tips you need in order to stay safe while traveling abroad to male dominated countries. Krystal Kelly, is a Californian Expat who has been living abroad the past 7 years. She's lived in Egypt, India, Romania, and survived the Egyptian Revolution, Male dominated cultures and countless taxi drivers, crooks, cons and criminals. She has first hand insider information and skills developed and knows the cultures, religious rules, common scams, dress code ins and outs along with other safety tips based on her seven years abroad travelling solo. 

Krystal is also joined by Sandra Kelly, a leading woman with 20 years experience in Law Enforcement dealing with sex offenders, rapists, murderers, domestic abusers and criminals. She has worked with criminals that committed sex crimes, murder and robberies. She will give a crash course on the criminal mentality and how YOU can stay safe and avoid potential dangers and attacks! 

In this video Krystal shares her story how she drove SOLO from England to Mongolia in a crappy car in 2016.

This course is a PREVENTATIVE safety course! Because we want to avoid potentially dangerous situations BEFORE it happens. We believe that being safe doesn't mean never going to Mongolia...but going to Mongolia AND being safe while having fun!

Course Curriculum

Lesson 5: Couch Surfing, Hotels and Accommodation Tips

What's included?

17 Videos
3 Quizzes
16 Texts
6 PDFs
Krystal Kelly
Krystal Kelly
CEO Krys Kolumbus Travel

About the instructor

Expert in Solo Women Travel, Krystal Kelly is originally from California. In 2010 she packed her bags and left the USA for good while accepting her first job abroad to work with horses as an equestrian professional. Her work with horses has led her to work in Egypt, India, Bhutan, Mongolia, Zambia, Italy, Romania and others. She is now based in England where she specializes in women solo travel and safety. She owns Krys Kolumbus Travel and organizes women tour groups to various off-the-beaten-path destinations. Please check out her website for more information about her travels.

What others have been saying about this course:

Sara Fackler

Eyes opened

I just want to say that Krystal did a fantastic job with this course. I one day plan to travel abroad solo and the things that I learned will be a huge asset. Some of the tips and topics I would have never considered before traveling. Now I know w...

Mary Lew Johnston

Very informative course, highly recommend!

This is a well-rounded and thorough course, not only for the traveller, but also for any woman who even travels locally alone, to and from work. Krystal gives advice drawn from personal experience, and also from the experience of law enforcement ...

Laura Prandner

Must See!

I don’t even know where to begin when reviewing this amazing course. It was so impressive, so comprehensive and so eye opening that it still has me somewhat shocked about the fact of how unprepared I truly was on my previous travels. I’m super gla...

Jennifer Carney

Great Course!

This course is great! There is so much information of how to travel safely and it is laid out in a way that is easy to understand. This course is definitely worth the money. If you plan on traveling or have even thought of traveling, this course i...

Gracelyn Johnson

Amazing Life Experiences: Happy I Purchased.

Krystal Kelly really knows her stuff and I think if you are a woman and plan to travel anywhere on your own you will find this most useful! Grace

Ananya Reddy

A rather charming course containing great information and a laugh or two

The motorbike scam was entertaining. I believe you have had marvelous adventures and appreciate what you share.

Staying safe doesn't mean staying at home!

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